UX Review: Delta

Delta Portfolio Tracker.

The Delta mobile app is something that I personally use on a regular basis but never considered writing a user experience (UX) review on due to it not falling into any of my typical categories such as exchanges, wallets or websites. However, it clicked when I realised that portfolio tracking tools can often be under valued and do play a huge part in a traders or investors overall experience in crypto. Therefore I felt it was only right to break down the UX components.

But first, what is Delta?

Delta is the ultimate Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app. Keep track of all cryptocoins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and over 3000 altcoins. Use the free app to get the latest coin prices and market charts in your local currency and get alerts to make sure you don’t miss out on your next crypto investment.

The User Experience

The Slick Interface

When you open a mobile app for the first time, them first impressions can have a huge impact on your mindset when deciding whether to continue using the app, or simply shut it down and look for an alternative. I personally don’t think many people will be closing the Delta app down as the words that spring to mind are modern, professional and clear. Small but quirky additions to the user interface (UI) such as the chart representation of your portfolio below the price adds a visual effect that I believe adds character to the homepage.

The Portfolio Homepage.

I feel that the amount of customisation that Delta offers is also an important factor that contributes to the success of the app as the user has the ability to sort and edit options to make it work for you on a personal level. Simple features that we probably all take for granted such as the option to sort our portfolio from A-Z or highest holdings first, alongside many more options allow us to basically organise our portfolio to how we want it. Clicking the price at the top of the homepage allows us to view our portfolio value in a number of different currencies in a manner that couldn’t be quicker or easier.

This ease of use and engaging UI is consistent throughout the app with another example being able to use the search bar when adding a transaction manually rather than scrolling through the extremely long list of exchanges. We take features such as a search bar for granted but without it, we would be tearing our hair out in frustration. Additionally, a quick shout out to night mode compatibility as I know this is a make or break feature for many users. There is also an exclusive night mode view for ‘Pro’ users.

Quick and easy to search for the exchange.

Ease of adding transactions

Making actions easy to do and giving the user options is key to having a great user experience. When adding transactions on the Delta app, I feel they have created different options for different user groups. For the old school and slightly less technical people like myself, I add many of my transactions manually and complete each field as shown on the image below. It’s very easy to do and is extremely clear what data needs to be provided followed by a big and obvious call to action button at the bottom of the page (Add Transaction). Truthfully, this can be rather time consuming when adding a number of transactions but that is why giving users different options is so important.

Adding a transaction manually.

For people who maybe don’t understand or don’t trust automation, they have the option to add transactions manually. On the flip side, the users who are in favour of saving time and want as much automation as possible, they can integrate their exchange account to Delta and the data will be pulled for them. This is an extremely convenient tool and admittedly, one I didn’t know about until recently. This is something I will be looking to implement into my Delta portfolio for sure!

The ability to add transactions automatically.

The only potential improvement around adding transactions automatically via exchange integration is the placement of the information. To find out more about connecting an exchange account, you have to visit the settings. However, if a user (like myself for a long time) wasn’t aware of this capability, I would expect to see some information or at the very least a link, to make me aware of this functionality on the transaction tab when I am adding a transaction manually. To me, it seems like a logical place to present this information and make users aware.

An all rounded platform

What I admire about the Delta team is that they didn’t just create a portfolio tracking tool and stop there. They continued to diversify the app and add extra functionality and features to make it much more appealing to a wider variety of user groups. If an individual user wants to use it solely for tracking transactions and their portfolio balance then great, Delta is more than capable of that. For those who want that little bit more interaction with Delta, their needs are also met with the following features.

Two of the features that I personally find valuable are the use of adding alerts and adding coins to a watchlist. I feel that adding an alert can cut out a lot of manual work as you can sit back, relax and wait for the alert to be triggered before acting on your pre-determined plan. Additionally, the watchlist prevents me repeatedly searching for a specific coin to check up on the price and is a convenient way too quickly check price action before heading to work in the morning.

The watchlist is the second tab on the bottom.

A feature that I don’t pay that much attention to but will certainly be valuable to some users is the ‘news’ tab. Delta has a live feed of cryptocurrency news and stories which again can be super convenient for those who want to quickly check for the latest gossip before heading to work or on the daily commute. Maybe I will start using it more frequently myself on second thoughts…

Well structured news page.

Support and Security

Although it isn’t directly related to the user interface, support and security definitely plays a crucial role in the overall user experience. Support is important and contributes to the success of an app. As mentioned earlier, giving the user different options is preferred and this also applies to different support lines. Through the Delta app, you can get in touch with the team through a number of different channels such as Telegram, Twitter and Slack whilst they also provide a help centre with a number of FAQ’s. Options are powerful and I often frown upon those projects who provide one method of contact such as an email address or none at all. It shows a lack of commitment to engage and support the community which is a big thing, especially in crypto.

Support and Community options in the settings.

Although I cannot access any of my funds via the Delta app, security is still taken seriously as there is potential for extremely confidential data on there. If somebody was to pick up your phone and open the Delta app they would instantly be able to see your balance in fiat conversion. Would you be willing to share your bank account balance with somone who has picked up your phone? The answer is probably not. This is why I have FaceID enabled on iOS. It’s better to be safe than sorry! User also have the option to set a passcode which I would also recommend.

Simple yet effective security options.


I feel that there is so much more to talk about when it comes to the Delta app with a number of quirky features that have been integrated to improve the user experience. Unfortunately I make a conscious effort to keep this articles under a certain word count to ensure you don’t fall asleep.

I think it is worth mentioning that Delta do have a desktop compatible version which means that you don’t solely have to use Delta via mobile. The mobile version is what I personally am much more familiar with and felt I would be better placed to focus the review on the mobile version, for this reason.

All in all, I have never looked at using an alternative since downloading the app a little over a year ago. I believe this speaks volumes as I have never had an issue or had any reason to change. Like I mentioned, I am certainly going to look at taking advantage of exchange integration as I wasn’t previously aware of it. I do believe some awareness could be placed in a more prominent and relevant area of the app but overall, Delta are doing a lot of things right.

You can start using Delta by clicking on the link here.

I did not get paid to write this review, any tips are much appreciated.

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  • I have not been paid by the Delta team to write this article. This is something I volunteered to do due to my background in UX.
  • All opinions and views within this article are my own.
  • Balances shown on screenshots are for demonstration purposes only.
  • This review was wrote on the Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker version 2.4.

Thanks for reading, Malone!




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