UX Review: BitMEX

The BitMEX logo.

But first, what is BitMEX?

  • BitMEX is a Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform that offers leveraged contracts that are bought and sold in Bitcoin.
  • BitMEX only handles Bitcoin. All profit and loss is in Bitcoin, even if you’re buying and selling altcoin contracts. BitMEX does not handle fiat currency.
  • BitMEX allows trading with a high amount of leverage.

Why can BitMEX be seen as intimidating for new users?

How do BitMEX overcome this?

About BitMEX page.

The User Interface

The BitMEX trading interface.

Trading Features

Set your leverage carefully.
The different order types on BitMEX.

Liquidity and Funding

BitMEX volume on CoinMarketCap.
Funding guidelines on BitMEX.com can be rather complicated at first.

American Users

The BitMEX terms and conditions.


  • BTC tip jar: 3Lrf6trAgzL9QWtMfbjMTqaJ4RyzS8vWSK


  • I have not been paid by the BitMEX team to write this article. This is something I volunteered to do due to my background in UX.
  • All opinions and views within this article are my own.
  • This review was based on Bitmex.com as of August 16, 2019.

Thanks for reading, Malone!




price action crypto trader.

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price action crypto trader.

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