UX Review: Ardor Lite

The Ardor Logo.

But first, what is Ardor?

The User Experience

Generate a new account

Creating a new account.
The 12 word pool.

The Homepage

Advanced details of the transaction.
Sending Ardor — above the fold design.
Receiving Ardor.


The Ardor contact page.

Chain Gateway

Buy or sell Ardor with any child chain token.


The settings page with night mode turned off.



  • This was a sponsored article.
  • All opinions and views within this article are my own.
  • All screenshots were completed on demo accounts for the purpose of this article.
  • This review was wrote on the Ardor Lite Mobile Wallet version 2.2.19.

Thanks for reading, Malone!




price action crypto trader.

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price action crypto trader.

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