How to thrive during the bear market.

1) Have a plan for your capital

Starting with a massively important point. You need to have some kind of strategy when entering the market or building positions whether it be for the short or the long term. Waking up one morning and deciding that you’re going to buy $500 of X because that’s your friend told you it will 100x and that’s all you’ve got in the bank is not the play.

2) Get comfortable shorting

This is much more applicable if you’re a trader, but you need to be comfortable shorting the market. Back in early 2018, I didn’t know if I was a trader or an investor. This is what I figured out over time and one thing I was completely unaware of back then was that you can short assets and bet against them going up.

I personally short altcoins on Delta Exchange *not a paid shill*

3) Be selective with altcoins

So here is the brutal truth with this one… Many altcoins will never recover or reach their all time high value, ever again. This is a natural part of the cycle where teams will give up, communities will dissolve and projects will ultimately fail. In the real world 90% of start ups fail, so why would crypto be any different?

4) How will you spend your bear market?

Probably the most important point when it comes to thriving from the opportunity that lies in front of you. This is where you can really put yourself in a position to make generational wealth.

5) Have conviction in your decisions

Having conviction is massively important for any trader or investor. You might be panicking right now. Some will be thinking ‘should I sell everything?’ Others will be thinking ‘should I buy the dip?’ Nobody can tell you with absolute certainty what will happen next, all you can do is position yourself based off your best guesses.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line of this is that market cycles are natural. We was never going to go up forever and if you speak to anyone who has been around since 2017/2018 or longer, they will tell you how patience is rewarded and how much of an opportunity the bear market can be if you’re willing to put the work in.




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