ChartAlerts Scanners & Analytics — Reducing chart time significantly.


Simply put, the scanners will allow you to view personally tailored trade opportunities in realtime. For example, if you want to customise your search and find all of the BTC pairings that are listed on Binance based on the 4H timeframe that are closest to a support level, you can do this by applying this exact criteria to your filters.

Clear and easy to use interface that allows me to find the best trades.

How the scanners differentiate from alerts

As some of you may be aware, the first big feature from ChartAlerts was automated and customised alerts. Users receive customised notifications via a personal Telegram channel which highlights when a coin may be hitting a criteria that you have created on the ChartAlerts website. For example, a coin could be approaching support, resistance, crossing an MA, etc. The problem I personally have with alerts is I’m usually asleep for the daily close which typically triggers a large amount of my alerts. By the time I wake up and check the alerts, the opportunity has usually been and gone.

It’s my own fault for sleeping at a normal time…


The other new addition to the platform is the analytics page. I see this as a more noob-friendly market overview and is really useful for my morning market overview. Instantly displayed is an overview of coins that may be of interest depending on your trading criteria.

I have highlighted the most useful analytics for me personally as a price action trader.


Although I feel that ChartAlerts can definitely be a useful tool for all traders, I do strongly feel that part time traders who must be more efficient with their time will benefit the most from these new features. I personally use ChartAlerts every morning to see what opportunities the market is offering and from this information I can then decide what orders I would like to create for the day, which trades I’d like to cut, etc.


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  • This is not a paid promotion or ad.
  • The link to the ChartAlerts website is my own referral link.
  • It is entirely your choice to use ChartAlerts, I am simply sharing my experiences and how it has impacted my personal trading.
  • This is in no way professional or financial advice.

Thanks for reading, Posty.



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