ChartAlerts Review

A bunch of the alerts that I have set up, based on my trading style.

What are the benefits of ChartAlerts?

Saves a LOT of time
Time is precious for an efficient trader and even more so for those who are trading part time alongside a day job, family duties and other time consuming commitments. ChartAlerts allows trader’s to cut out the noise and focus on the charts that matter, based on your customised alert set ups. No more manually scanning every Binance alt pairing, looking for that MA cross or RSI divergence. ChartAlerts literally picks out the opportunities for you.

An alert I received for $MANA.

How ChartAlerts works for me

As many of you know, I’m not a full-time trader. I like to play the daily timeframe and trade the macro. This is my personal style because I feel that macro structures are much more reliable and it also suits my current commitments as I simply don’t have time, or the interest to day trade. I work a full time day job, have started my own project, trade high timeframes, provide content publicly and like to keep a work-life balance. I’m always looking for opportunities to be more efficient and reduce my screen time.


ChartAlerts is a really useful tool that has had a positive impact on my trading during the past couple of months. I do believe that there is potential for ChartAlerts to provide even more value for traders, but I can appreciate that the tool is still in its infancy and the developers will continue to make improvements and adjustments based on user feedback, as time goes on. I would personally like to see more exchanges and timeframes added to the alert options and an all-in-one app, so there is no reliability on Telegram.


  • This is not a paid promotion or ad.
  • The link to the ChartAlerts website is my own referral link.
  • It is entirely your choice to use ChartAlerts, I am simply sharing my experiences and how it has impacted my trading.
  • This is in no way professional advice.



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