A first look at the Beaxy Exchange.

Over the last few days I have had the privilege of being able to take part in the ‘Beaxy Bug Bounty’. I have been able to get an exclusive look at the Beaxy Exchange before it is due to launch to the public in the next month or two. Whilst paper trading I have been looking for bugs and reported them to the team. It has been fun and allowed me to see the exchange first hand which I can now comfortably say that the user interface is something I look forward to using whilst trading.

As a UX Researcher there are two things that I prioritise that must be included in a good design. They are putting the user needs first and simplicity. Beaxy have done a brilliant job of both of these. For months they have been communicating with future users, asking them for feedback, improving their service and iterating the process. Their effort to engage with the community is something I respect.

The purpose of this article is to share my thoughts on the user interface (UI).

But first, what is Beaxy?

“Beaxy is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange built in collaboration with one market data. Beaxy is brining legacy finance, speed, power and sophistication to crypto for the first time. With 225,000 transactions per second per pair, comparable to Nasdaq, 11 order types on day one, with 26 order types on full roll out and a dedicated customer support team, Beaxy is setting itself apart from the competition.”

First impressions

After logging in I took a tour of every page and got a feel for the design and the layout of the website. I can sit here and tell you how clean and crisp the user interface is (which it is) but let me tell you some of the features that really impressed me.

a) The above the fold design

(I have my UX hat on for this one)
Above the fold is a piece of terminology that originated from newspaper design. The more expensive advertising space and major headlines would always be on the top half of the newspaper that the reader would see and engage with first. This technique has been transferred to websites to create a clean design whilst implementing the most important information first for the user. It’s basically what we see instantly without having to scroll down.

What I like is that many of the web pages within the Beaxy Exchange don’t require you to scroll down whatsoever. This is because the UI is so well designed and structured. Everything the user needs to see is right in front of them immediately which contributes to a good user experience.

You cannot scroll down on this page. Everything you need to see is right here.

b) Night mode functionality

One feature that many people will be happy to see. A feature that people could, (in theory) live without but Beaxy have integrated this because that’s what the user wants! It’s simple yet effective and as I said earlier, I love seeing simplicity. To enable/disable night mode its a quick flick of the lamp icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. I’ve purposely chosen the below screenshot to compare it directly against the same page that you have just seen in the previous screenshot.

The lamp icon is circled in red (top right corner).

c) The order types

Beaxy have offered some unique order types that I look forward to using. The most exciting part is that there are more order types that are planned to be released later on in the year. The functionality I look forward to using most is being able to have a stop loss whilst simultaneously being able to have a take profit order as well. This is something that I will benefit hugely from due to not being able to micro manage my trades during the day when I am at work. (This feature will not be included in initial release.)

You can find out more about the order types by clicking here.

Limit IOC Confirmation Page — Please ignore figures. This is paper trading.


A very, very quick look at the Beaxy Exchange. There are a couple of reasons for this being so brief. One reason is that I have only just gained access to this in the last 72 hours. Another reason is because I don’t want to give too much away so early on! The idea of this article was for a sneak peak, not a full demonstration. Testing is due to go on for another few weeks so plenty can change.

However, overall I am impressed with the Beaxy UI and the features that they have integrated. I really feel that they have put a lot of time and effort into and understood the importance of ensuring that users should be able to comfortably use the exchange no matter their technical skills or expertise. Everything is very easy to use, self-explanatory and intuitive. Some exchanges can be extremely intimidating (especially for a beginner) but I see Beaxy conquering this fear for many. With a genuine team and plenty to look forward to along the roadmap for 2019, I can confidently say I am bullish on Beaxy Exchange being a success.

If you have any questions for myself or the Beaxy team, drop me a DM on Twitter and I’d be more than happy to help.

If you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for Beaxy here:

If you are interested in early beta access, the only way to gain this is by joining the official Beaxy Discord. You can do this by clicking here.


  • I have not been paid by Beaxy to write this article. This is something I wanted to do due to my background in UX.
  • All opinions and views within this article are my own.
  • I have been given private beta access for testing purposes only as a Beaxy ambassador.
  • All amounts on the screenshots are for paper trading. They are not real amounts of BTC/BXY although I wish they were.

Thanks for reading!



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